Richard - severe knee pain

Richard - severe knee pain

I was limping around the local dog park early on a Saturday morning. Another regular at the park, ****, asked what the problem was, and I explained that basically everything in my knees has seen better days, and now arthritis is taking its toll.

I explained that when it’s real bad, I take a couple of pain killers and use Voltaren, but they are only effective for a short while. Had I considered cannabis oil? I’ve done research on it, but wouldn’t know how or where to get it.

My lucky day. **** tells me all about the product he is developing (“Hempermint”), and offers me a sample to try for free.

So I go home, and at 10.00am, I apply some to my knees. The pain starts subsiding straight away. Voltaren was never this quick and never this effective. At 10.05am, I notice the swelling in my knees is going down, and I have no pain whatsoever.

I can’t believe it. I mowed the grass front and back, did a little tidying up in the shed and a few other honey-do list items all without feeling any pain.

After lunch, I sit out front, enjoying a cold one. ****, my next door neighbour, remarks that I seem very happy today. Smiling broadly, I said watch this… and I stood up from Adirondack chair with a single, normal motion with no pain. Then I sat down and did it again, and again, and again, just to show it was not a one-off. Bonnie looked at my knees and said “what are you on?… your knees aren’t swollen!”

I told her about the Hempermint, she is interested in sampling some because she suffers from fibromyalgia.

I spent the rest of the afternoon showing everyone who came by my new party trick!

So the next day (Sunday), I am at the dog park again, and catch up with ****. How’s it going and how’s it working out for you. I smile, raise both arms and say look… no limp, no strapping, no swelling… that stuff works like magic.

I tell **** what happened yesterday, and that I didn’t feel any twinges until after 6.00pm, so not only does the pain relief work, it lasts as well. Not only that, I slept all night with no pain.

So on Monday, I put the Hempermint on my knees at 2.00pm and set off to work.  Today’s the test to see how long it works under working conditions. 6.00pm break comes and goes and I’m feeling good. Around 7.00pm I feel the backs of knees start to tighten, and at 8.00pm I decide it’s time to reapply. Rest of shift flows by pain free, and when I get there, another full night of pain free sleep.

Tuesday and Wednesday the results are much the same. Thursday, I only have enough to apply before I go to work. I make it to the 9.00pm break, which was stretching it a bit too far, and I reverted to the Extra-Strength Voltaren. Pain resides about 90% but my knees feel tight and I don’t have full motion when bending… that’s when it really hurts. Can’t wait for Saturday and see **** at the Dog Park and get more Hempermint.

Hempermint, in just a very short while, has enabled me do things that were starting to get beyond me. I am very conscious that this product is not a cure, just pain relief, and that I have to pay attention and that I don’t “over-do” it. I am overjoyed at being able to move around doing normal things with no pain. I praise Hempermint from the rooftops and beyond, and would happily recommend anyone to try it.

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