Hempermint: Cannabis Infused Topical Salve

Hempermint is made with naturally organic ingredients infused with cannabis. This makes our salve loaded with rich cannabis compounds, cannabinoids and naturally occurring terpenes which help with countless medical issues.

Will I get “High” or experience any psychoactive effects? No - CBD and THC-A (terpene) gives you the medical benefits of marijuana, without any psychoactive effects or "getting high”. CBD is a chemical within the plant that holds the highest medicinal value and is able to help with many illnesses that many people suffer from.

* Cannabis infused topical applications can reduce symptoms of many skin and muscle conditions, including: Arthritis, Burns, Chapping, Cheilitis, Chronic Pain, Cold Sores, Cramps, Cuts & scrapes, Eczema, Inflammation, Insect bites, Joint Pain, Migraine, Muscle Pain, Psoriasis, Rashes, Rheumatism, Skin Allergies, Sunburn, Tendonitis, Post-surgical pain.

Ingredients: Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Peppermint Extract, Organic Eucalyptus Extract

**Use of this product could potentially produce a positive result. To be absolutely sure of a negative drug test result, we recommend stopping use of our products for one full week before any drug test.

Our Ingredients

Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has managed to infuse its way into some of our industry’s most sought-after products, including edibles and topicals, but why? The reason can be attributed to a few important factors. First, coconut oil has among the highest concentration of fatty acids (saturated fats). The surplus of these fatty acids in the coconut oil create a stronger binding agent for cannabinoids. Compared to olive oil, which contains a saturated fat content of less than 20%, coconut oil contains over 80% saturated fats and thus has the ability to retain far more cannabinoids during extractions, rendering far more medicinally efficient products in return. Coconut oil, therefore, is a near perfect medium for cannabis. Coconut Oil Uses and Health Benefits Coconut oil also contains other sets of beneficial acids that have been known to have a list of potential health benefits. Lauric acid is a great example — when digested, lauric acid creates a monoglyceride that acts as an antimicrobial. These fatty acids are found in abundance in coconut oil, making it a top contender for those looking for a healthier oil base than butter or canola oil

Organic Beeswax

Beeswax can be confused with bee pollen and honey; all are produced by bees and are similar in their structure. However, beeswax is a unique substance and has several benefits to the human body. Beeswax has no benefit when consumed directly because it is inert, but it can have other applications that are beneficial to your body. Function Beeswax is produced from glands in the abdomens of bees. The wax is produced by young bees and then scraped off their bodies, chewed and mixed with bee saliva as well as other enzymes. After the bee chews and processes the wax, it attaches it to the honeycomb, where pollen is stored and bees reside. The wax also helps safely store honey produced by the bees, and it can help protect the hive from infections and other unwanted contaminants. Benefits Beeswax has non-allergenic properties that can make it a useful skin protection from various airborne allergies. It can also help slow down the dispersal of medications into the body. According to North Carolina State University, it is a good electric insulator. Beeswax also provides slight anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities which can benefit the body. Topical Uses Beeswax contains natural moisturizers that make it useful as a skin and lip balm -- the substance locks in moisture and can help keep the skin firm and plump. In some cases, beeswax may be applied to minor burns or other skin damage in order to help the skin heal. According to the Bastyr Center for Natural Health, beeswax can also be mixed with other products, such as honey and olive oil, to produce lotions and balms that can serve as natural treatments against eczema and psoriasis.

Organic Peppermint & Eucalyptus Oil

The health benefits of peppermint oil include its ability to treat indigestion, respiratory problems, headache, nausea, fever, stomach and bowel spasms, as well as for pain relief. Peppermint is a cross between watermint and spearmint and is native to Europe. Historically, the herb has been known for its medicinal uses, and its impressively long history often gives it the prestigious title as the world’s oldest medicine. Unlike many other herbs and essential oils, numerous health benefits of peppermint and peppermint oil have been studied and proved by the scientific community. Skin care: Peppermint oil contains menthol, which is good for the skin because it creates a cooling sensation. Furthermore, it nourishes dull skin and improves the texture of oily or greasy skin. If you are experiencing joint and muscle pain, massaging eucalyptus oil on the surface of the skin helps to relieve stress and pain. The volatile eucalyptus oil is analgesic and anti-inflammatory in nature. Therefore it is often recommended to patients suffering from rheumatism, lumbago, sprained ligaments and tendons, stiff muscles, aches, fibrosis, and even nerve pain. The oil should be massaged in a circular motion on the affected areas of the body.