Skin Issues

Teenager - Acne

Our son has been having the standard "teenage" acne BUT with Hempermint he/we realized it really helps a lot (really really helps!). Not only does it help with the speed at which current acne goes away, I am convinced that it pre-empts some acne/pimples trying to start up. Even myself - I had one of those sore *not-yet-visible pimples (brewing) below the skin, added hempermint daily and the pimple never happened!! (I use Hempermint for muscle soreness as well - love it!)

Sarah H - Pain

I was giving a sample of Hempermint, which happened to have come at a much needed time. I had a pulled muscle in my right shoulder blade a few weeks earlier and since I also have fibromyalgia the pain was so intense I had trouble breathing I could only take very shallow breaths. Things also take much longer to heal and this was extremely bad. Once I had applied it (not very easily done) I had almost instant relief and my breathing became much easier. I have used it everyday since on not only my shoulder blade but for migraines, fibromyalgia flairs, eczema, tendinitis and lots of other stuff. I am grateful to have been given that sample!

Susan - Nerve Pain/Shingles

I suffer from Sub Cutaneous nerve pain in the tops of my feet, leftover from a severe case of Shingles, that landed me in University Hospital for 5 weeks in late 2016. Nothing has helped my pain like Hempermint pain salve, and I have tried several other CD-based products over the last 4 years. I use the 58 ml. easy-to-apply product (no messy hands), so if you have similar pain issues I highly recommend Hempermint and trust it will help you as it as me!

Jess - Muscles & Migraines

I use Hempermint daily to ease tense neck muscles and help treat chronic migraines. I have recommended Hempermint to my family and friends to use it to treat fibromyalgia, arthritis and muscle tension. I got a bad sunburn this summer and used Hempermint to treat the pain and help heal my skin.

Kathy - Psoriasis

Psoriasis- I have tried several steroid Creams prescribed to me by my doctor, and they each are just a bandaid to my psoriasis condition. Many of the prescripted creams, have some major side effects, which does not sit well with me. I was extremely eager & excited to try this Oil! I am pleased to announce that my elbows that once were covered in dry, scales from my psoriasis, are almost clear! It's amazing! I love supporting natural products, that can help with ailments with little or no side effects! A proud Cannabis supporter! Thank you!

Spencer - Eczema & Dermatitis

My 3yr old son has eczema/ dermatitis. He has been getting irritated legs with great discomfort his whole life so far. He has been prescribed zinc creams and hydrocortisone ointments. These worked mildly at best and would basically kept the infected area at bay and would only slowly start to help after several days. The first application of Hempermint salve was applied to his legs in the evening after a bath(hot water, rubbing and hot weather brin it on) and a second application the following morning. Within 1day his legs were almost completely clear of any sign of the rash from the night before. The next day there was no sign at all.

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