Headaches Migraines

Kathy F - Many Issues

This is the best product we have ever used, for a multitude of issues. I use it primarily for arthritic pain, but also on my neck at night to help with sleep, and it really does! As well, for any type of skin issue or insect bites, bee stings, on the temples to make a headache go away in minutes. My brother in law had a knee replacement twice, and still has issues. Hempermint relieves his pain and gives him the freedom of mobility.

Sarah H - Pain

I was giving a sample of Hempermint, which happened to have come at a much needed time. I had a pulled muscle in my right shoulder blade a few weeks earlier and since I also have fibromyalgia the pain was so intense I had trouble breathing I could only take very shallow breaths. Things also take much longer to heal and this was extremely bad. Once I had applied it (not very easily done) I had almost instant relief and my breathing became much easier. I have used it everyday since on not only my shoulder blade but for migraines, fibromyalgia flairs, eczema, tendinitis and lots of other stuff. I am grateful to have been given that sample!

Melissa - Migraines, Nerve Pain, Joint Pain

I have deep down nerve pain, migraines and suffer from Joint pain and the rub took away my pain ( within 25 mins of the of onset of pain) . We are hooked as this product costs a fraction of what we were paying combined in pain management supplements. The clearing results were unbelievable. .. Going natural is important to us and our families and what a great product to add to our shelves that’s both local and works!

Jess - Muscles & Migraines

I use Hempermint daily to ease tense neck muscles and help treat chronic migraines. I have recommended Hempermint to my family and friends to use it to treat fibromyalgia, arthritis and muscle tension. I got a bad sunburn this summer and used Hempermint to treat the pain and help heal my skin.


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