Diabetes/Nerve Pain

Susan - Nerve Pain/Shingles

I suffer from Sub Cutaneous nerve pain in the tops of my feet, leftover from a severe case of Shingles, that landed me in University Hospital for 5 weeks in late 2016. Nothing has helped my pain like Hempermint pain salve, and I have tried several other CD-based products over the last 4 years. I use the 58 ml. easy-to-apply product (no messy hands), so if you have similar pain issues I highly recommend Hempermint and trust it will help you as it as me!

Jamie - Diabetes/Neuropathy

I have had diabetes for 40 plus years. Since having so long I have experienced Neurapathy in my legs and feet. Hempermint has greatly improved feeling in my legs and feet. I apply at night before bed and wake with my legs feeling much better. I strongly recommend the cream for these ailments.

Melissa - Migraines, Nerve Pain, Joint Pain

I have deep down nerve pain, migraines and suffer from Joint pain and the rub took away my pain ( within 25 mins of the of onset of pain) . We are hooked as this product costs a fraction of what we were paying combined in pain management supplements. The clearing results were unbelievable. .. Going natural is important to us and our families and what a great product to add to our shelves that’s both local and works!


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