Carpal tunnel syndrome

Sarah H - Pain

I was giving a sample of Hempermint, which happened to have come at a much needed time. I had a pulled muscle in my right shoulder blade a few weeks earlier and since I also have fibromyalgia the pain was so intense I had trouble breathing I could only take very shallow breaths. Things also take much longer to heal and this was extremely bad. Once I had applied it (not very easily done) I had almost instant relief and my breathing became much easier. I have used it everyday since on not only my shoulder blade but for migraines, fibromyalgia flairs, eczema, tendinitis and lots of other stuff. I am grateful to have been given that sample!

D - Tendonitis

I am writing to let you know how happy I am with this product for pain relief. I have tendinitis in my knee and it was VERY painful to go up and down stairs. I put product on my knee and had instant relief. I have tried other products from the local drug store without any luck. I would rate this 5/5.

Susan - Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Having been an assembly line worker for the past 20 years has taken it's toll. I have carpel tunnel syndrome as a result of it. I lived with joint and muscle pain until I started using the cream. I apply it on a daily basis and have stopped taking all other painkillers. I can't imagine not using it as it keeps me going. I absolutely love it and highly recommend it to others who I think would benefit from it.

Bob - Severe Arthritis

As a former farmer and current warehouse employee, i have severe arthritis in my neck, shoulders, back and knees from heavy lifting and repetitive motion.
This is the first topical solution I've found that actually works for me. I found relief almost instantly when applied to affected areas. I give it a 10/10!!!

Linda - Muscle Tension/Arthritis

Knots in back, neck, shoulders from many years working on computers. Everything else just gave temporary relief. Hempermint not only gave relief but has started the healing process finally. Also helping with severe arthritis pain in one foot. Thank you!!

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