Bug Bites

Kathy F - Many Issues

This is the best product we have ever used, for a multitude of issues. I use it primarily for arthritic pain, but also on my neck at night to help with sleep, and it really does! As well, for any type of skin issue or insect bites, bee stings, on the temples to make a headache go away in minutes. My brother in law had a knee replacement twice, and still has issues. Hempermint relieves his pain and gives him the freedom of mobility.

Steve - Bug Bites

I was on a camping weekend up North recently and couldn't believe how good Hempermint worked for bites and itching. I actually found it to work better than a popular store brand anti-itch cream we also had. It's good to have a product that can "multi-task" many ailments that can easily occur daily.


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